29 January 2023

Congrats Mike

It's always a blast to hear friends on the radio.  Normally I listen to BBC World Service late at night, but this was Sunday early morning and it's sports, so a scan of the stations.  Some interesting rap on Triple J and rap again and a wonderful jazz fusion thing on Double X, then a lovely take on a Handel oratorio on ABC Classic FM.  Now it's hard to identify music on stations at night.  I haven't been successful with Shazam from headphones and there are few DJs introducing tracks, but Classic FM has one and he announced Mike Dooley.  Then Mike's Epiphany performed by Ensemble Liaison.  All moving time signatures and effective repetition and four movements and a major quotation and very nicely played.  Lovely.  Congratulations, Mike.

Not for the first time, I heard a Mike Dooley composition on ABC Classic FM.

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