22 January 2023


Now this is an indulgence, but it might interest someone out there.  I've been playing with recording for some time now, stereo recording in the field of bands and small classical groups, then multitracks for my own recordings (mostly midi but some audio for vocals) and recently multitrack mix/mastering using stems from live shows.  Over time, you collect mics, in my case none too dear, but I wondered about the difference between my vocal mics.  Thus I recorded my voice at one time to four mics on four separate tracks: Rode NT1, MXL 2001, Audio Technica AT2020 (large diaphragm cardioid condensers) and for interest, Shure SM58 (cardioid dynamic).  The result?  The three condensers sounded surprisingly similar and the SM58 was obviously different.  Sound on Sound gives good reviews for all these mics, so they are all good (and good value).  I don't have the best ears or the best room acoustics and it was a pretty cursory test, but nonetheless an interesting result.

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