29 February 2024

Linus returns

It's always a pleasure to hear Linus Lee on the organ, not just for the playing and the program but also for the familiarity that we gain with the music.  Not that this music was so unfamiliar, at least some of it was very familiar.  He finished with two movements of Rossini William Tell Overture and they are cemented in all our brains, but the Malzat, once thought to be Haydn, wasn't so familiar although Fritz Kreisler and Offenbach should be.   Linus said this was a concert of oboe, violin, cello and orchestra and so it was.  The Malzat was the first movement of his oboe concerto and the Kreisler is famed for virtuosic violinists and the Offenbach was apparently a regular of Jacqueline du Pré.  It all feels different on an organ, though.  Those buttons may refer to wind and string instruments but the tones are none too obvious and the complexity of multiple lines from deep, loud bass to flittering trebles are different, but we love the organ for just that: the drenching bass and the high whistles and all manner of tones in between.  And Linus does it well and enjoys it to boot and walks us through the pleasures.  This was a lovely outing of catchy melody and occasionally stomach churning bass pipes to boot: just how we like it.

Linus Lee (organ) performed at Wesley.

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