09 November 2014

Wrap up

Just a few pics to finish with Wang 2014. I caught these outfits in passing - one tune if that. No comments, although I heard good things about all these outings. The Wangaratta Jazz Festival 2014 was a string of interest. There were a few issues. Many bands played once only. The main WPAC theatre is nice but doesn't hold all so some miss out on major acts: that's a problem. The program has conflicts that are irresolvable, especially between WPAC theatre and hall but presumably for St Pat's and the Gateway. But the town is pleasant and they all come out for the free jazz on two stages on local streets and it's nice to sit there amongst the chatter with a local wine in hand. The local art gallery, right next to WPAC, was displaying the National Photographic Portrait prize shortlist and that was an added benefit. I didn't make the jam session but there's goss that it had had its excitements. So ended Wang JF 2014.

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