15 February 2016

Wayne again

Great to have another gig with Wayne. This was Adore Tea, Valentine's Day, 50th anniversary of decimal currency in Australia. A propitious day. I thought of playing songs of love (easy enough with the American songbook) and also of money, but I forgot the last. We appeared as Kilt (replacing Tilt; other suggestions were Lilt, Silt, Wilt). Great fun, lots of notes, plenty of solos all round, perhaps too much excitement (and volume) but so be it. Not in it for the money. Money? 50th anniv. Just think. Thanks to Wayne and Dave. Hard work but wouldn't miss it for quids.

Tilt, renamed Kilt, played at Adore Tea with Wayne Kelly (piano, vocals), Eric Pozza (bass) and Dave McDade (drums).

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