29 June 2016

Right on the night, again

"She'll be right on the night" is a favourite line of mine. It's jazzers' wisdom but it's recognised by all manner of musos and I find it's usually right. Harmonia Monday proved it right again just a few days ago; as it did at a previous gig. HM meets weekly and performs, as noted by our secretary at the gig, as an open day rather than a concert, but concert it was with audience and some little nerves and a need to get it right this time. Mostly we did and it was a pleasure. HM is an SATB choir (although occasionally doubling some parts), heavy on altos and light on tenors (common enough). We sing all manner of music. This gig had several movements of a Palestrina mass and the Mozart Requiem, a Bach fugue, Reger and Pinsuti for the florid dynamics and Copland for the earthy Americanism and the fun (although I personally had some considerable difficulty with one line in the song "I bought me a cat": he also "...bought me a wife"; very questionable). Otherwise, the harmonies, energy, intervals weren't all perfect but presentable and way better than even the warmup. It's amazing what the gig can do.

Harmonia Monday (SATB choir) performed under Oliver Raymond and Sheila Thompson (conductors) with accompaniment by Lucus Allerton (piano)

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