18 February 2023

Unique prints

The latest blockbuster at National Gallery was Cressida Campbell with her intimate and unique prints.  We got to it in the last week.  It's been very popular, perhaps given it's just so relatable.  CC does a style of woodblock printing with unique prints using a unique technique: detailed woodcuts with incised edges, painted with watercolours and single printed to cotton paper, then extensively touched up with further watercolours and tiny brushes.  Each large work is a consumer of months. although amusingly she can paint or cut while on the phone.  I noticed a ton of "private collection" tags, so there's a market out there and this exhibition will just promote that.  I didn't know of her, but I do now and I love her work, intimate, time consuming, personal, local with still lifes, her house, her world (Sydney suburbs, Newcastle).  I was amused to realise she has to cut writing in reverse, but of course that's one aspect of printing.  I noticed a string of images of ships in harbour that would have had writing, but there was none.  I can understand that.  It was all detailed yet not necessarily photographic, amusingly left-right inverted when you see woodcut and print together, interesting in tondo (round) form.  There's more to like, but I just immersed myself and I was one of many, unsurprisingly including very many women.  A very great pleasure. 

The National Gallery of Australia exhibited Cressida Campbell (woodblock print artist).

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