04 February 2011

peon awaits

… this everyman. I fretted to miss peon at the Loft, but I knew they were playing next night so OK. Instead, it was a night of ‘40s folly, fashion, frivolity and swinging tassels and lightly salacious burlesque. This was the Darling Sister’s opening night for their new vintage fashion store, and it was grander than I’d expected: more people, more show, more period whimsy. I have a connection to the Darling sisters, of course: Darling Leanne provides her voice for The Gossips, otherwise who’d guess this dag would be seen there. But out it was with Megan and friend Kate, all dressed to our nines, amongst the dapper and the breezy and the cocktail waiters and the swinging and swaying burlesque tassels (pant, pant). Melina Fahrenheit and Tiffany Blue, no less! Why do girls get to wear all this stuff? But we guys get to watch so it’s not all bad. One warning, though: if you visit, look out for that spiv, Alfred Pettigrew. I don’t tie my trailer too well, but can so much fall off the back of a truck? The Darling Sisters shop is at Gold Creek Square, and it’s got lovely period fashion that’s available in all sizes for real women.

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