12 April 2016

On stage

NCO will be playing a few concerts later in the year in Llewellyn Hall, not least this corker, Carmina Burana with the Canberra Choral Society. So in the meantime, we snuck in a practice on the stage at Llewellyn when our normal venue was busy. Nice, open sound, although big and empty without an audience. Plenty to space and nice furniture for the strings and others, and orchestral music stands, a large Steinway out the back (nothing less expected) but one little indignity: having to supply my own bass stool. Nice also to have colleagues in adjacent rooms rehearsing Mendelssohn Elijah then coming in for a listen. Otherwise, this was a nice workout in a prestigious location and first time I've played on this stage, even if only for rehearsal.

National Capital Orchestra rehearsed on the stage at Llewellyn Hall.

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