08 November 2023

Hitler's elephant

You need a late start sometimes given that travel is otherwise so consistent. Today's first outing was a Bach harpsichord concert in the Elephant Hotel in Marktplaz in Weimar early lunchtime. It's the prestigious hotel from whose balcony Hitler spoke. Look for the recent photo of a Nazi rally in Martktplaz. But it's a nice big comfy room with a Steinway and a harpsichord ready for entertainment. This day it was Ki Feng Yeung, a student at the local Hochschule playing Ritter, Sweelink and 2xJS Bach. He was a little unsteady, perhaps unprepared, on the Ritter but better on the others but the harpsichord was strong and present and nicely infectious when comfortably played. So a nice lunchtime outing and a good opportunity for the local student community to get some gig time. But odd also to associate this hotel with its neighbour just 2 doors up, E. Keller, that bohemian basement bar I had attended just the night before.

Ki Feng Yeung performed a lunchtime concert at the Elephant Hotel, Marktplaz, Weimar.

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