19 November 2023

Two for one

We got to the Museum of Leipzig in the Alten Rathaus, the Old Town Hall, on the Marktplaz and I enjoyed it more than I''d expected. Partly for the lovely old wares, especially more Cranachs young and old and studios of Cranachs and mediaeval religious paintings stored in attics after the interior of St Nikolai was updated with its absurb but fascinating leaves extrusions and palmed columns. This is not something we see in Australia (or at least rare) and thus somethign I crave. Unexpectedly, there was also a piano concert in the dining/reception hall. This is a seriously big room that luckily survived WW2 bombing when its roof burnt and caved in. It had previously been restored and the reinforced concrete roof over the upper floor prevented the flames from spreading. The pianist was Lutfiye Dalgic playing Robert Schumann Fantasie Cmaj and Prokofiev Piano sonata no.4 Cmin. Pretty much equal lengths, both busy and impressive and very nicely played, not least with pregnant pauses. The piano was a Bluther, another product of Leipzig. The concert was ~45mins then the museum. More paintings, big chests, less portraits, basements for the treasury and upper floors for the meeting and court rooms. And apparently the veritable, at lest claimed, original, from life, Bach painting. Strangely, to take on employment he needed ot provide a portrait, no lettle thing in those days. So interesting and unexpected. Just a few pics.

The Museum of Leipzig is in the Alten Rathaus, the Old Town Hall, on the Marktplaz, Leipzig. Lutfiye Dalgic (piano) performed Robert Schumann and Prokofiev.

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