25 March 2024


I joked that the last game I played was Asteroids and it's not far from the truth, but we had a string of PSns in the house over time and probably some X-boxes that my kids played and I even discovered one in the shed riddled with ants some time back. Aaron Chew was doing a concert of music from games. The games were renowned and obviously of some interest to and even influence on Aaron. I think the music was from the originals but well arranged. He had 2 overhead screens with snippets of games, too, to match to the music. The crowd was big with plenty of families and little kids although probably of a younger age than for these games. So what games? The biggies were Zelda and Mario Bros and Pokemon. Some seemed more obscure, if just for me: Gershin impact, Dark soul, Elden ring, To the Moon. One or two others. I liked the music, filmic, varied, sometime bouncy or watery or jovial or dramatic (for the battles) and always a waltz. So I didn't get it? So what. Aaron played some very capable and committed piano and that was good and was something that he'd had a real involvement with and the crowd enjoyed it immensely. So all good. Well done Aaron. And I saw a batch of new characters and some ridiculous sword and axe battles and even some homely squarish scenes in the meantime.

Aaron Chew (piano) performed music from computer games at Wesley.

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