29 March 2024


I was just sitting outside a pub with a beer and I noticed someone with a tiny synth. Fascinating. Identified later as a Roland SC-1. Tiny, with headphones. And a Guinness. Within a few seconds we were chatting, of recordings, of styles, of instruments, of DAWs Ableton and Reaper, of sampling and histories and orchestras and whatever. Fascinating and my one musical encounter these few days in Adelaide, being here to see my Mum. He was Nug Chompah, on Spotify and more, by that name, performing and recording variously. He mentioned hip-hop, electronica, rap, drum'n'bass, topics including politics but also more. Nice. I immensely enjoyed the conversation and already admired the commitment even before a listen. Then I had a listen on Spotify. First tune is electronica, samples, running into a DnB groove. Then through a series of singles to rap and more extensive lyrics, concentrated early on, ~2018. I noticed a claimed collaboration but apparently with himself as Blipper. That's an interesting twist. Maybe a hint at bio in the title, The Greek Way. All fascinating and a great chat and still some lyric themes yet to explore. Nug, great to meet you.

Find Nug Chompah (production, composition, rap) is on Spotify and elsewhere.

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Nug Chompah said...

Nice to meet you Eric, thanks for the nice chat.