20 March 2024


It was a first performance of a piano trio made up of local mates that I know through Wesley and MdCC  and NCO.  It's a small local musical world and a small group but very satisfying.  Also satisfying to hear a Beethoven trio, apparently his first published work, the Piano trio Cmin op.1 no.3 in 4 movements.  You think Beethoven is everywhere but I haven't heard too much recently and it was a happy revisit.  And nicely played.  Stuart seemed to lead much of the work with various intros and eyes opening to the others and busy piano parts that always seem to determine a piano quartet or trio, but there was considerable awareness throughout.  I particularly enjoyed some of Katherine's cello melody lines, too.  Nicely done.  Then, to finish, an arrangement of the tear-jerking Piazzola Oblivion.  Much shorter but again a huge pleasure with its relatively simple but touching melody and considerable repetition.  So a very satisfying first outing, even if a bit problematic given some unexpected recording glitches on the day.

Arawang Trio are Stuart Long (piano), John Dobson (violin) and Katherine Wilkinson (cello).  They performed Beethoven and Piazzola at Wesley.

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