09 March 2024

Leaning to party


John Mackey was playing at the NPC and I was free but in the end it was more a visit to old friends than a serious jazz gig.  Perhaps because the noise was high and listening was difficult but we could chat in the break and it was happy hour and there was dark ale.  Like a party.  John was playing with Greg so a tenor/guitar duo, sometimes the pair but often just guitar even amongst the noise.  But a great outing.  I listened to John as I could, remembering his correction once to me that he wasn't playing out and it's clearly true: he's mostly playing the chords but just scarily fluent.  And Greg also fluent and expressive for chords and solos even playing solo.  Just a relaxing friendly interlude straining to catch the virtuosity from both instruments amongst the chatty crowd.   More party than concert but always worthy playing.

And vale for that endangered lizard or whatever which was surviving in that block on National Circuit which has now succumbed to cranes.  Another one bites the dust, at least in this location...

John Mackey (tenor) and Greg Stott (guitar) played at the National Press Club.

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