16 March 2024

Two gigs two towns

I think Mike called us Gateway to Queanbeyan although this was a return gig and the first was the week before in Ainslie.  So much for geographic precision.  But it was a great fun outing.  I used to play with Mike and Richard at the Casino and more but this was just a throwaway outing then a rehash.  Mike and Richard and Anthony and me.  Just standards but some of our favourites with Mike's expert grooves and often deliriously good solos.  His years of playing show clearly.  And Richard with his glorious Selmer tone, playing something special and nicely harmonically exploring.  I could hear the tone of John M and some hints of his delirious lines too.  Richard also has a history way back to the Sydney Con where he met Mike.  And Anthony who is a relatively new entrant on drums but, being Mike's son, with some decent guidance.  He took his share of solos or passed fours, too.  Our first outing last week was a gift to Goodwin Ainslie in honour of Richard's Mum who was once there.  This outing was Mike's request, at a fete at Qbn Presbyterian Church for their 150th anniversary.  It's so nice to visit an old stone church, view the timber decor and the touch-of-deco school house next door.  Our main churches in Canberra tend to the brick, although Ainslie All Saints has the stone aesthetic and significant history, even if borrowed from Sydney.  And to meet a former Pastor, Romeo, who had served three years in the area my family is from, in Italy, where the churches are even older still.  Whatever, a pleasure and some nice playing to boot.

Mike Dooley (keys), Richard Manderson (tenor), Anthony Dooley (drums) and Eric Pozza (bass) performed two gigs in two towns... And thanks to Lin for the pic of the band.

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